Grow Potential of Children, Youth & Families

Belinda Koh, 20

Belinda wasn’t always the confident 20-year old she is today. Having been bullied in primary and secondary school, she suffered from self-esteem issues, keeping to herself most of the time. That all changed when she was introduced to the A.p.t.i.t.u.d.e. programme at ITE College East, where she was challenged to step out of her comfort zone by engaging in activities such as emceeing and being involved in an Interest Group on wedding planning. Now, Belinda has grown much in her self-confidence, taking on speaking assignments in public, and is open to attempting new things in life.

Impact Lives of People with Special Needs

Shoban Pillai, 43

Having been diagnosed with intellectual disability, and with an increasingly elderly and frail mother, Shoban needed to learn how to build independence for his future. Fortunately, Shoban began attending the TOUCH Centre for Independent Living in 2003, where he underwent training to learn basic living skills as well as develop his potential in drawing. Since then, Shoban has learnt essential living skills and built his confidence in living independently. He has also developed his creative talent and artistic abilities at TOUCH SpecialCrafts which has further enabled him to live a more purposeful life.

Value Wellbeing of People with Healthcare Needs

Jessie Teo, 54

Having to quit her job due to diabetes and other medical issues, Jessie felt discouraged as she struggled to cope all by herself. She was then invited to join a peer support group by TOUCH Diabetes Support where she received support on managing type 2 diabetes. Now, Jessie is able to take charge of her health as she learns to live well with diabetes.

Enrich Golden Years of Elderly

Sarasvathy D/O Sundram, 71

"Lacking in purpose, depressed and alone". This was how Madam Sarasvathy felt when her husband of 46 years passed on. That sense of hopelessness gradually changed when she started participating in activities organised by TOUCH Community Services, where she met fellow peers to journey together with her in her golden years. Now that she’s connected to community, Madam Sarasvathy has regained a sense of purpose in her life, reaching out to other seniors like herself.