Vernon Kwek


I’m raising funds to GIVE HOPE to a group of people close to my heart – Children, Youth and Families!

I hope you can join me in supporting them by making a donation as I run for a good cause. Thank you!

$3400 Collected

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believe in faith, believe in yourself


From: Ly

Walk on with hope in your heart and you’ll never walk alone..


From: Samuel L

Make a better world


From: Zeen



From: Jessie Loo

Make a difference :)


From: Belamy

I hope, can make different.


From: Zin

God blessed


From: Cham

Giving is the greatest act of grace💖


From: Christine

Pray ♥️ Hope


From: CHW



From: Hansel

All glory to God


From: Caroline Cheng

God bless you ♥


From: CPC



From: Leow Lay Bing

Life is hope


From: Adeline

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed


From: Carmen Yak



From: sunny

Be courage and walk in love with god


From: Chris Lee BC

God bless


From: Nico

Giving is loving


From: Dion Wong

Jesus Loves You


From: Vernon

Be Joyful in Hope


From: Candy Chin

A small gesture


From: Leann Koh

Always have hope


From: Braden Soh