Happy Tum Jiak Family

Dear Friends & Families,

We are raising funds to GIVE HOPE to Special Needs!

I hope you can join me in supporting them by making a donation as we run for a good cause. Thank you!

$3490 Collected

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God is our Provider


From: Danielle Yong

God Bless


From: Zatopek

Jia you!


From: Maggie Jellybean

Niang Jia you!! :)


From: Vivien Lee



From: Wilson

Jia you!


From: Matthew Teo

Good job! JiaYou!


From: Lee Pauline



From: Grace Ng

Enjoy the run!


From: Japy

Jia You!


From: Sofan and Adelene

Just a little help


From: Sajith Dilhan

So proud of u


From: Chong Mee Keng Karen Lucy

Add oil!


From: Paul Lam