Team AMK

Dear Friends & Families,

We are raising funds to GIVE HOPE to the Elderly!

I hope you can join me in supporting them by making a donation as we run for a good cause. Thank you!

$2238 Collected

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From: Aaron Low

JTan to RTan, BFF jia yu!!!


From: Judy Tan



From: Dave & Rona

Jia yu, Team AMK πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ


From: Eleanor Ho

ROBYN , Wish you all the Best in the Donations Drive and the Runs πŸ’ͺπŸ‘


From: Johnny Chia

Good job!


From: Jake Lee

Robyn dear, keep up your good work!


From: Selina

All the best !


From: Alexandra Chua

Together we can effect changes


From: Zhao Dan

Best wishes to everyone!


From: Irene Tan



From: Annie Goh go go!

Happy to be able to support a good cause. Jia you! Go, go, go!


From: MayLoo

May all beings free from suffering.



Hope this little token makes a difference. Jiayou, Robyn!


From: Claudia Foong

Go, Go, Go and Have Fun =)


From: Aunty Mei



From: Annie goh

It’s a blessing to be able to contribute to this meaningful donation. May this little donation brings comfort to those in needs.


From: Cheryl T.

Thanks to my godmother Robyn for introducing this donation opportunity to me. I have done another meaningful thing today!


From: Janice Goh

Everything for a good cause...


From: Hershey

Support to the needy


From: Jesline Ong

A little makes it special for them!


From: Jennifer Teh

Bless the needy. There will always be rainbows


From: Valerie Tang

Team AMK,go go go !!!


From: Joey Choo

Support! :)


From: Roger and Ley Hua



From: OSC

JIa You and have a good RUN!


From: RJ

One Run, TOUCH Lives


From: Baoverly T

Behind you all the way!! :)


From: JS

Keep Running for elderly


From: Tracy

Keep going!


From: Dorothy



From: Yfun

A small amount for a huge purpose


From: Dakuai

Jia you!


From: Claire

Have fun and be blessed!


From: PJ

Run the race for the prize before you!! :D


From: Julia Teo

Keep up the good work!


From: Mark Teo