Going the extra mile

Everyone has a role to play in building strong communities.
But we can all do with that extra “push” or encouragement by family and friends that can make a difference.

When you sign up for TOUCH Giving Run, you are also a fundraiser with us! Fundraise for a worthy cause and gather your family and friends to support your efforts by getting them to do these simple steps:

Check your registration emails for a link to your profile page!

It’s the little drops of water that make up an ocean, so every effort counts!

Target: $1,000,000

Your Support will...

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Grow Potential of our Children, Youth and Families

$500 supports a child from a disadvantaged background to attend its programmes for 6 months.


Impact the Lives of people with Special Needs

$500 supports 89 adults with intellectual disabilities for 2.5 months at TOUCH Centre for Independent Living (TCIL) in basic life skills such as taking public transport and cooking.


Value Wellbeing of People with Healthcare Needs

$500 helps 5 clients from low-income families subsidise their counselling costs for mental health related issues for 1 month.


Enrich the Golden Years of the Elderly

$500 provides meal deliveries for 1 home-bound elderly for up to 9 months.

Support a friend

To show your support for a Participant , please click on the profile of the Participant and follow the instructions to make an online donation.

General Donations

If you do not have a particular runner to support, you can still donate give hope to our TOUCH beneficiaries. Please click on the button below to donate.